path of the sramana

This Unity3D game is a collaboration with students at The Animation Workshop in Viborg.
The game is a 2D sidescrolling, metroid-vania adventure, in which a young sharmans daughter is looking for here lost father in the spirit realm.

We were 2 sound designers tasked with creating all sound for the game within 2 weeks. We had to work smart to stay within our deadline. I did 90% of the sound design while my partner implemented them into the game along the way, like an assembly line. This work process was essential for reaching our goal, while still delivering a quality product. I also composed for the game, and its cinematics. I did Foley recording, some audio implementation as well as mixing.
I learned a lot about working productively under immense time constraints, and how to turn a stressful situation into moment of inspiration.

My Roles:

  • Sound Design & Composing
  • Audio Implementation
  • Mixing