Autonomous Mobility

Autonomous Mobility is a company working with smart, electric, self-driving shuttle busses, cars and even experimenting with drones in select cities in Europe.

As part of an exam, i was tasked to make a sound identity for their brand. i was to make sound logos, feedback sounds for their electric busses, and some music for them to use in advertisements and such.

Giving the company’s experimenting nature, innovation and focus on sustainability i got to work. My worked was rooted in the 4 concepts devised from the brands core messages and believes.

Safety, Travel & Movement, Environment and Technology.

I made all sounds with these in mind. The melody for the sound logo was randomly generated my a modular synthesizer (Technology), While all percussion elements was audio of me knocking on trees in the forrest, and non-electronic instruments were made of wood (environment). By combining these with a warm and fuzzy synth sound enveloping the mix (safety), and adding¬†movement through the percussion, modulation of the sounds and the songs structure i successfully integrated all of the company’s concepts into its own unique sound identity.